Video: Maxwell Reflects on His Playing Career, Including His Time as Zlatan’s Teammate

Current Paris Saint-Germain ambassador, Maxwell, spoke with PSG TV to reflect on a variety of topics about his five-year stint with Les Parisiens.

One of the points of discussion surrounded what it was like to play alongside former striker, Zlatan Ibrahimović. The Brazilian then went on to talk about his relationship with the supporters and best memories while playing in Paris.

Finally, Maxwell discusses the longstanding relationship that PSG has with his home country of Brazil.

My best memory at PSG?

I have a lot of positives. We won a lot when I was there. I can cite many titles. My last match in the Coupe de France final was very special. But between 2013-2015, the atmosphere was very special. I was always very happy to go to training. I think back on it with a smile. It was superb.

The feeling by winning the first Ligue 1?

It was exceptional. We lost in the first season. People were hungry to win. This is what could bring PSG back to the fore. It was exceptional. We saw many supporters celebrating in the city. It was wonderful to share this with my teammates. From there, we had the confidence to win other titles. We showed that we were there.

My friendship with Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Did I speak to him before he came?

I told him what the situation was like before his signing, and it was a pleasure for him to come. The project has advanced further, with its character and qualities. He is one of the main people responsible for the progression of the notoriety of PSG in the world. We took advantage of his presence on and off the pitch. We went for walks together in Paris. We are near. It was a pleasure to stay with him for a long time. He left his mark in Paris. He was always professional and did not accept losing, even in training. This mentality, he also brought it within the club. He gave it to us, to young people too. Like Adrien Rabiot. Ibrahimovic is a winner, and he changed the players.

How did I experience my departure?

It is always difficult for a player to stop his career. Even preparing 2-3 to quit, I was a bit lost. I was relieved to win the Coupe de France at the end. I had a great celebration with the whole club, with all the people. I will not forget it. I was very moved. It has been a pleasure to end my career at a club like PSG. I had many different feelings. But it was very difficult to tell me, ‘Now what do I do?’. As a player, we are used to knowing what to do. We have work with the ball.

I have tried to speak with many former players. There have been many changes. I was really grateful to the club, which gave me the opportunity to stay in another role. It was very special to continue the project, in a club that I love, with players who are my friends. The club gave me the opportunity to learn about another aspect of the world of football.

What made PSG so special for me? The supporters? I was able to earn their respect, and I spoke little?

Of course, they are very important. It is a big part of our work. We cannot be happy in a club if the supporters don’t like us. What they like, I think, is the involvement. I tried to always show this, to work, and to display pride in wearing this jersey. I never talked much, but I was completely with the club, and I always respected the club. I think the fans liked it and I liked that they showed it. It’s mutual respect, that’s what counts. Titles don’t count if you don’t have respect for the people around you. Now, every time I come to Paris, I feel that people are happy.

Which players do I stay in touch with?

Almost all (laughs). I also participated in a UEFA course with Djorkaeff. I try to maintain contact by message and video. This is important because we live much more with the players and teammates during certain seasons than with the family. I try to maintain contact with almost all, not all because it is impossible. If we meet again, we always have a smile and the memory of having played together.

What is my role as a PSG ambassador?

Today, I am involved in certain events, such as in Tokyo or Brazil, in Miami. I try to represent the club in the best way I can. In Brazil, I can be in the PSG Academy. Even without this contract, I would still be ready to represent the club. We must always share our values ​​and our love for football.

What is missing for PSG to win the Champions League?

The answer is very difficult. You can’t say it’s just one thing. These are details. There can be personality, focus, luck, and there are things. We also had performances that were not up to the match. There is also the bad luck of not having the full team for the matches. But we are getting closer. Our experiences help us to arrive safer and more mature. We hope to continue playing it this year. We have a more balanced team than in previous years. There is real confidence. I feel that we are good. We are solid. I hope we can give this gift that we can celebrate this title. It is the dream of the whole club, and it deserves it, the supporters too.

Who is the most important player in the history of PSG? And how important are Brazilians in the identity of the club?

There are some incredible players who have moved on to PSG. There is Valdo, with whom I played when I was very young. I can think of Ricardo or Rai, of course. There is Ronaldinho too. It’s difficult to say a name. As a Brazilian, I would say it’s Rai. It’s incredible what he lived in Paris, the relationship he has with the club. The bond is strong on both sides. There are many Parisians in Brazil and Brazilians in Paris. There has always been this spirit among Brazilians to participate in the Paris festival, in the life of the club. There have been great Brazilians at PSG, and there are still some. I hope the relationship can continue.

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