‘I Leave Them Alone’ – How Tuchel is Managing His Players During the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Paris Saint-Germain manager and I have to admit, it’s good to hear Thomas Tuchel’s voice.

On the latest episode of “Allo,” a video series produced by the club featuring journalist Ambre Godillon, Tuchel makes an appearance via video conference.

The conversation begins with how Tuchel and his family are during while in quarantine due to the coronavirus and then turned to how he manages when he can’t come into contact with the players.

Godillon also asks the former Borussia Dortmund manager how he stays in touch with his players and how he’s spending his time away from the pitch. It’s a really interesting conversation and insight into Tuchel’s personality.

Godillon: How do you manage to stay a coach away from your players?

Tuchel: Yes, we talk a lot with each other and with the staff, of course. We prepare programs, individual programs, recommendations for the players. There are the things that we can do, but that’s not how we can work now, because in my opinion, what’s difficult is that we don’t know when it’s going to end. It’s hard because I love being together with all my staff, we laugh every day. We always enjoy working together, we miss it a lot. All the staff and all the players, that’s for sure.

Godillon: Do you manage to stay in direct contact with your players, Thiago Silva, the captain, for example, or the five players to whom you…

Tuchel: Not too much, not too much, I leave them alone a little bit. Because I don’t know when it’s gonna be over. Right now I’m sending messages with their program. I check that everything is OK and if they have completed their individual program, but I don’t ask them too much.

Godillon: Do you take advantage of being away from the pitch to work more on tactical things on your side or to watch your future opponents or to watch games again? How do you occupy your day?

Tuchel: I watch beIN Sports, because they always play our games. And I saw the two matches against Marseille, the match against Dortmund, Saint-Etienne, against Bordeaux…All our matches, in peace and quiet, and it’s good to watch, to watch against, it’s just as good. I watch a lot of our games.

Godillon: What do you miss the most in your normal life? Is it the contact with your players? You were talking about the staff, training sessions, talks, games…Or, let’s face it, it’s the press conferences with Robbie and me?

Tuchel: Yes, absolutely. With you two, for sure, it’s number one, I miss that a lot, a lot, a lot. Number one. After that…nothing. And then there is my staff. All the staff at the Ooredoo. And yes, you know I like to be at the Ooredoo Centre with my staff, laughing and talking, finding solutions and analyzing, and being with players too, laughing. This life together, living emotions together. The games too, I miss them a lot. Because now, five weeks have passed, it’s a long break. We all miss it.

Godillon: You often say it’s just football, it’s okay. Do you have a message about that?

Tuchel: A message is difficult. There are a lot of messages and I get the impression there are people who send messages that are more ‘permissible’ than me because I’m a football coach. And now there are more important things. Good health for the whole of Europe and everyone, that’s it. At the moment also, sometimes, we are a little bit afraid. And then at times it’s a little easier to adapt. And yes, I hope we can also start playing football again so we can distract everyone. People who have to stay at home now, who are in a tough situation and maybe afraid for the family, and football can be a good distraction. But we all know there are more important things. We have to stay strong and not lose confidence. It’s important to smile. We can’t leave the house, but we have to stay calm and hopeful. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

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