‘It’s a Very Responsible Squad’ – How Thiago Silva Keeps Track of His Teammates During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Thiago Silva is currently in Brazil with his family in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic but he’s still finding ways to be a leader of Paris Saint-Germain.

As captain, it’s Silva’s responsibility to stay in contact with PSG manager, Thomas Tuchel, and check-in with his teammates to make sure they’re staying in shape during the quarantine.

During an interview with journalist Ambre Godillon via video conference, Silva was asked about his role as captain with players spread out across the globe, what he misses most about the game, and the Brazilian center-back shares a special message for fans.

Godillon: How do you manage to exercise at home?

Silva: You have to adapt to this difficult time. You have to try to do things at home, even if it’s not very easy to do. There are little things, like the carpet or the bike, all that…But at least you have two little teammates to help you work on your technique at home.

Godillon: As the captain, how do you stay in touch with your teammates, with the coach maybe as well. How is your role as captain from a distance?

Silva: I’ve already spoken with the coach. We often speak, send messages. With the players we have a Whatsapp group too, we talk to each other all the time, every week we talk, to see the situation, if we have news, if something changes about coming back. But I know my team, it’s a very responsible squad. Often you see the videos on their Instagram, their training sessions, but when you work with everybody on a daily basis, you know that people are responsible. We have to be professional and keep working, because it’s not holidays. It’s a moment of awareness, to take responsibility. And to be ready if we have to play again.

Godillon: What do you miss the most? Is it the pitch? The fans? The dressing room? Your armband? What do you miss the most?

Silva: No, it’s everyday life. I was used to training every day, being on the pitch every day with the ball, with my teammates, with the staff, all that. And of course the matches, with our fans, with the atmosphere. The last game we played without fans was impressive to play. Without them in the stadium, even if outside they sang during the whole match, for 90 minutes. It was wonderful to have that for the first time.

Godillon: Finally, Thiago, do you have a message for those watching us?

Silva: We have to stay calm even if it’s difficult. It’s a time to adapt, to take responsibility. And the most important thing is to keep healthy. Because if you have your health, you will come back and do the things that you are used to doing, that you like to do. But for the moment, the most important thing is to stay at home, to keep healthy and to come back stronger. Because every difficult moment in life, you know that you will look back and laugh. Difficult moments pass, as all the moments of life pass.

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