‘I Thank Them, They Are Our Heroes’ – Bernat Shares Message for Healthcare Workers

Paris Saint-Germain players continue to remain quarantined in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic but that hasn’t stopped them from talking football with journalist Ambre Godillon.

Juan Bernat is the latest to go on the hot seat for the club’s “Allo” series and his first few questions are about what he’s doing while spending most of his time inside and how much of his routine has changed.

After describing his day while confined in his home in Spain, the PSG left-back then described how he’s rehabbing an injury that he sustained back in January.

The Spaniard then discusses how he’s keeping in touch with his teammates as they wait to get information about when they will be able to return to action.

Finally, the interview concludes with the 27-year-old saying thank-you to the frontline healthcare workers who are currently battling this virus that has claimed thousands of lives in Paris.

Godillon: How do you deal with confinement?

Bernat: It’s different. You have to get used to being at home all day. At the start of confinement, I was in my apartment in Paris, and I had nothing to do exercise at home, so I bought myself a treadmill. Then I could go to Spain, where I have a gym at home, and it allows me to work. It is important to have a routine; otherwise, you do not know what to do at home during all this time. I try to play sports and keep myself in shape.

Godillon: What do you do as an activity at home?

BernatLike I said, I play sports. I play video games. I watch movies and series. This is what I do most when I am at home.

Godillon: Have you changed your habits?

Bernat: No, that’s what I normally do (laughs). When I’m in Paris, I live with a friend of mine. I spend a lot of time at home. I like being at home to rest. I do a few walks sometimes, but normally I stay at home to rest, watch a series, read and play a little on the Playstation or on the computer.

Godillon: An adapted program because of your return from injury?

Bernat: I got injured at the start of January, and I was stationary for a month and a half. I resumed the rhythm of matches with the team at the beginning of March. Before the confinement started, I was not at my highest level yet, and the stopping of the competitions affected me a little. We don’t know when it will all resume. But hey, I train at home. I try not to lose the rhythm and keep in shape. It is sad what is happening now. It is difficult for everyone. I hope we will all move forward. We will do it, I’m sure.

Godillon: Do you have contact with your teammates?

Bernat: Yes, we have a Whatsapp group where we speak. We take news from everyone. For the moment, everyone is fine. It is the main thing to be healthy. I speak a little more with the Spanish, with the family too. Everyone is fine, that’s the main thing.

Godillon: What do you miss the most?

Bernat: Football especially. Playing at the Parc des Princes, everything. Every day, see my teammates in training, during matches. It’s a big change from going from this routine to being locked up at home, but you have to respect that. We must make our contribution by staying at home and following the authorities’ recommendations.

Godillon: How is it going with your family in Spain?

Bernat: My family is fine. We have no problem. In Spain, we had difficult times. Now it seems to calm down a bit. Hoping that this will stop as soon as possible and that we can resume our normal life.

Godillon: A message to convey?

Bernat: Yes, I thank very much the people who work during this difficult period. I thank them, they are our heroes. We must thank them and continue to support them. It is thanks to them that we will emerge from this complicated period. It is a time when we must all be united and look ahead as we will manage to get over this bad patch.

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