Video: Verratti Turned Down By Girlfriend on Hidden Camera Prank Show

When I first saw the video clip of Marco Verratti and his girlfriend Jessica Aidi, I had no idea what I was watching.

The short clip posted by Get French Football News, shows Verratti laying on a bed with Aidi with the two talking about what to eat. Toward the end, Verratti appears to be trying to initiate sex but is told “no” by his model girlfriend.

After doing a bit of digging, that short clip is from a longer episode of an Italian hidden camera show broadcasted by Mediaset. The premise of the show is that apparently, Verratti is terrified of rats and the show filled his house with fake rats to see how he would react. Hilarious.

GFFN asks a very good question in their tweet with the salacious video clip. Why is this being shared ahead of a huge UEFA Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund?

Sure, Verratti can’t play in that match due to yellow-card accumulation, but similar to the birthday bash, it’s just not a good look for a PSG player to be on a prank show less than a week before the most important match of the season.

PSG players rarely participate in any type of media without permission from the club and their involvement, so it’s a bit curious that the communications team didn’t push for a less controversial time to release the video.

The video also doesn’t show Verratti in the best light. Why would PSG want it known that Verratti is afraid of rats? That’s just ammunition for opposing fans. The entire situation is just weird and in the future, it probably would be a good idea if PSG players refrain from participating in hidden camera prank shows.

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