Tuchel Joked That Neymar Wanted to Escape to Barcelona and Everything Else Marcin Bulka Said About His Teammates

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, Marcin Bulka, has only featured in one match all season—a 2-0 win over FC Metz last August—but he’s apparently been very observant of his teammates.

Bulka arrived from Chelsea FC’s Under-23 squad last summer and is mostly considered a project at this point in his career.

Recently, the 20-year-old sat down for an interview with the Polish YouTube channel Foot Truck and provided some interesting anecdotes about some of his teammates.

The highlight of the interview was Bulka’s comments about Angel Di Maria and his former club.

“Di Maria hates Manchester United,” Bulka said. “He has no good memory of the time he spent there.”

“In fact, when something related to Manchester United appears on television,” he continued. “He changes the channel quickly.”

In regards to Neymar Jr., Bulka revealed that the 28-year-old likes to keep things light in the locker room before matches.

“Guy sure likes to change his hairstyle. He dances before the games, that seems to be a Brazilian thing.”

“Honestly, if he had rigorous training like CR7 [Cristiano Ronaldo], I don’t think he would be as good as he is. Brazilians need to be relaxed to play at the top level.”

PSG’s other superstar, Kylian Mbappé, was described by a Bulka as a “Beast.”

“When he accelerates there is nothing you can do,” Bulka said. “But also a cool guy, only one year older than me, which is weird because he’s already experienced so much and it feels like he has been around forever.”

PSG’s third-string goalkeeper also told a comical story involving manager Thomas Tuchel, Neymar Jr., and Marco Verratti at the airport.

“One time we were coming back from a game and were sitting in front of the departure screen at an airport. When a flight to Barcelona popped up, our coach was like: ‘Guys, keep an eye on Neymar.’ When there was a flight to Ibiza, he went: ‘Watch out for Marco guys!'”

Of course, Tuchel was referring to both players being linked to FC Barcelona the past couple of years. You’re aware of Neymar’s push for a return to La Liga last summer and two years ago, Verratti was photographed at an Ibiza restaurant where Lionel Messi also happened to be in the midst of transfer rumors.

It’s good to see that the coach has a sense of humor but unless he can overturn a 2-1 loss to Borussia Dortmund on March 11, no one will be laughing.

Speaking of Verratti, Bulka also discussed how important he is to the squad, which is concerning considering he’s suspended for that match against Dortmund.

“His [Verratti] reactions and speed of thinking on the pitch is out of this world.”

“You watch him and you think he has a camera on the back of his head. He’s the engine of the team, or more like a metronome. The team’s build up tempo relies on him.”

I’m curious how the players Bulka mentioned feel about his comments. We all assumed Di Maria hated Manchester United but was that a fight the Argentina international wanted to spark at this point in the season?

Bulka is very much a fringe player at PSG and in my opinion, he shouldn’t be speaking about other players or what goes on behind the scenes.

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