Neymar Wakes Up Knowing If He’ll Score Goals and Reveals His Favorite Celebration

This season, Neymar Jr. has scored 16 goals and recorded 10 assists through 19 total appearances for Paris Saint-Germain. By all accounts, he’s having a fabulous season for the capital club.

During a recent interview with Aaron West of House of Highlights, Neymar was asked if he sometimes has a different feeling heading into games where he knows that he is going to do something special.

“Yes [laughing]. There are some days that I wake up knowing I will score goals. I start mentioning to my friends, ‘Today I will play very well! Today I’m feeling very happy, very joyful, very light.'”

“When I wake up like this I get very happy because I know I will have a good game and this was a day I was feeling very good [referring to his hat-trick against Red Star Belgrade in 2018].”

The interview, which goes through some of Neymar’s most memorable highlights at Paris Saint-Germain, also reveals that the Brazilian doesn’t know how to do a bicycle kick using his right foot and that he plans goal celebrations with his teammates before games. Which celebration is his favorite? That would the one below from his first season in the French capital.



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