Everything You Need to Know About PSG Esports

At a press conference on October 20, 2016, Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi announced that the club would enter the lucrative world of eSports. Leading PSG Esports is Yassine Jade, their chief gaming officer since April of 2018. The club’s main partner is Betway, the online bookmaker who has a six-figure deal with the club producing their jerseys and jackets as well as providing exclusive content throughout social media. What makes PSG Esports unique is the fact that they are using the club’s global brand to build big sponsorship deals.

Many football teams around the world have invested in eSports through the FIFA leagues, however, PSG didn’t just stop with that game. Esports is a very profitable industry (expected to generate over a $1 billion in 2019) and with PSG’s goal of becoming a global brand that doesn’t just include football, competing in multiple competitions as possible makes sense. Currently, PSG Esports has several teams who compete in FIFA, Rocket League, Dota 2, and Brawl Stars.

FIFA is not only the most popular game among football fans, but it is a big deal in the world of eSports. PSG has seen success with multiple players and their current FIFA roster features four skilled players, including DaXe (Lucas Cuillerier) who is the most decorated with a record of 46 wins, 12 draws, and 12 ties. He is also a two-time ESWC Champion where he represented France.

PSG’s FIFA team also features Rafael Fortes (Rafifa13), Ahmed Al-Meghessib (AAmeghessib), and Johann Simon (Maniika). Visit the team page to follow these players on social media and check out the team’s YouTube page for behind-the-scenes clips of their competitions.

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Valve Corporation and takes place in a virtual battle arena environment. The game is played between two teams of five players that have to defend their base while trying to occupy the other team’s base. A game is won by players destroying a giant structure called the Ancient that is located in the other team’s base. Throughout the game, players have access to a powerful character knows as a “hero.” The hero has various abilities that can help players win the game. Players also gain points and items during the game to upgrade their hero.

When it comes to Dota 2, PSG Esports has one of the top teams in the world and they’re currently competing in Shanghai at The International Dota 2 Tournament. The event marks the end of the Dota 2 season and features the top 12 teams in the world. After group play, PSG Esports recorded five wins and three losses and are ranked first going into the knockout stages. The Dota 2 team finished second last year and has proved to be a very profitable partnership. How profitable? Well, the team, which consists of Jian Wei Yap (Xnova), Xu Linsen (Fy), Yang Shenyi (Chalice), Lu Yao (Somnus丶M), and Wang Chunyu (Ame), are playing for a grand prize of $34 million if they win!

For those who only follow the Paris Saint-Germain that features Kylian Mbappé and other world-class talents, it’s important to remember that the club is also invested in eSports and they have some of the best players in that sport in their stables as well who play more than FIFA. There is big money on the line and with the explosion of eSports around the world, PSG’s involvement will only help increase their brand awareness.

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