This Is Why We Need ‘PSG Talk’

Paris Saint-Germain suffered another spectacular failure in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night at the hands of Manchester United. That much you know. The fallout has been radioactive with both football fans and major media outlets seemingly enjoying PSG’s temporary demise. To be honest though, the reaction from some journalists and the companies they work for was almost as embarrassing as PSG’s performance.

I’m not going to link to the articles (one referred to PSG as “Fraudulent Clowns”) or display the tweets (most of which show graphics depicting the amount of money PSG spent and the number of Champions League titles they’ve won), or embed the video calling PSG the “Biggest Bottlers” in European football. You can find this garbage in your own time.

Only a select few bothered to analyze the match and try to explain what happened. The rest used the result as an opportunity to regurgitate the same old PSG talking points we’re all used to, except now they have more shit to shovel on top of their boring hot takes.

Don’t get me wrong, Thomas Tuchel’s men are open to criticism and we will certainly do so in the coming days. The difference is the undeniable hatred the English-speaking media has towards Paris. If I had to boil it down to three reasons why they hate PSG, I would say, Neymar Jr., Ligue 1, and Qatar’s involvement with the club and their seemingly unlimited resources. This hatred blinds them from any resemblance of objectivity. It’s something we’ve talked a lot about on this site actually.

The football sites I eluded to earlier are some of the most recognized and popular sports sites in America. If you are a young PSG fan looking for information about your team, you will likely end up on one of those sites. What you are greeted with is headlines written by editors who openly mock PSG on their personal Twitter accounts. Click on a video and you get old Englishmen talking about how if they were still playing the game they would kick Neymar and try to injure him. The entire thing is gross. This leads me to why I believe PSG Talk is so important to the growth of the club with English-speaking supporters and especially those in the United States who are fans of Les Rouge et Bleu.

Our tagline is, “Paris Saint-Germain’s #1 Fan Site In English,” and I’m seriously considering changing that. We have become more than a “fan site.” For many, we have become a trusted and reliable source for PSG content. Of course, we are fans and always will be, except we have cultivated a core group of contributors who are able to speak knowledgeably about Paris Saint-Germain and praise them when it’s deserved and criticize when needed. We don’t have blinders on as many others do and we also don’t have the same restrictions. For example, media companies rely on advertising to generate revenue. That’s why you see a video at the top of every article with an auto-play advertisement. They need to stoke the flames and slap misleading headlines on articles to get you to click and hate-read their articles. Don’t be fooled. Instead of twisting Neymar’s words and ginning up speculation to generate revenue, we can be more pragmatic and reasonable with our analysis. This is why fans in the United States and other English-speaking supporters turn to us as a source of PSG news instead of traditional outlets.

The road ahead will be a long and bumpy one for Paris Saint-Germain. There will likely be changes in the boardroom and locker room and we intend to cover it all without the hyperbole you get elsewhere. As we saw in the Champions League this season, PSG supporters are the best in Europe and whether you live in Paris, France, or Paris, Texas, you deserve to have a site whose main purpose isn’t to troll you after a football result as a means to make money. That is our promise to you. Thank you for supporting PSG Talk and never give up the faith. Allez Paris!

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