Jersey Leak: Why Jordan Partnership Will Take PSG to New Heights

Ever since the adaptation of making replica jerseys of one’s favorite team available for purchase, having the latest threads has been the growing trend. Camping out overnight to possibly get your hands on a collaboration piece—a new hat, or a new T-shirt—has done nothing but fuel the passion within supporters. For Paris Saint-Germain fans, a modern take on the club’s iconic blue, red, and white kit is about to get the Jumpman treatment.

It was leaked through social media via Footy Headlines that PSG will be swapping the Nike “Swoosh” for the Jumpman of the Jordan Brand. The reigning French champions will now become part of a brand that has branched from sport to sport, leaving a wake of support, glamour, and traction behind it.

Stretching from one end of the globe to another, Jordan Brand is becoming the most recognizable logos in the sport. Combine one, with PSG’s growingly popular crest, and you have a recipe for success. The club will no doubt generate revenue during their high-profile UEFA Champions League matches via jersey sales but an added fan base more interested in fashion than football could soon be flocking to purchase a PSG shirt. In the mainstream expansion of “athleisure” wear, jerseys are adapted to replace traditional shirts. Combining the love for one’s favorite team into their everyday outfit has allowed sporting jerseys to be seen on famous faces. This will not be the first time that a small movement in a team’s branding will make a difference as popular American universities have opted for the Jumpman logo too.

Jordan Brand has become synonymous not only with on-pitch performance but with a cult following of fans of Michael Jordan himself and the shoes his brand was built on. In recent years, a new age of fashion worldwide has adapted the Jordan Brand and propelled it into mainstream streetwear. For PSG, this means the club could see a new wave of global support.

Now, why is this a big deal?

For PSG, this is a huge move in the right direction to capitalize on the collaboration. Economically, the non-soccer fan who is familiar with the Jumpman logo will likely pick up this shirt as a fashion statement. Jordan Brand is already known around the world but combined with Neymar Jr., both PSG and Jordan will no doubt reach new heights. If you need proof that PSG is changing world football, look no further than their partnership with Jordan and how a jersey will make the Ligue 1 side as recognizable as Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, and others.

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