S2E11: Explaining Qatar and PSG Relationship

It’s no secret that Paris Saint-Germain’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and it’s easy to see why. The club has a squad full of world-class players and they have Qatar Sports Investments to thank for that. Their ownership, which began in 2011, has helped transform the capital club into an international brand capable of competing with the biggest clubs in Europe. As great as the financial backing of QSI has been on the pitch for PSG, it’s also a dark cloud that detractors use to dismiss their accomplishments.

No matter if you’ve been a PSG supporter for decades or you just recently picked up a Neymar Jr. kit, you’ve probably had to listen to people talk about “oil money” and other disparaging remarks about the country of Qatar as it relates to PSG. What does it all mean though? Is Qatar really an evil country using Paris Saint-Germain to launder their money while they fund terrorism or are they simply ambitious and using PSG as a way to elevate their profile ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? That’s what this special episode of PSG Talking hopes to reveal.

Guillaume, along with the help of fellow PSG Talk contributor Dave, spent the last few months pouring over documents and researching Qatar and their relationship to PSG to help clarify what continues to be a gray area for many supporters. To do that, he looked at the history of Qatar, their current situation, international relations, and of course, their controversial actions. We want to know where PSG’s money comes from and what the future holds for both Qatar and PSG.

We have provided time stamps below if you would like to skip around to the sections that interest you the most. We highly recommend you listen to the interviews with Dr. Peter Bartu, who was a member of the United Nations and currently teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, and Paul Michael Brannagan, lecturer in sports management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Qatar, Soft Power, and Paris Saint-Germain

Time Stamps

  • 5:25 – Brief History of Qatar
  • 13:23 – Current situation and international relations
  • 19:58Peter Bartu interview
  • 37:36 – Qatar, soft power, and Paris Saint-Germain
  • 39:33Paul Michael Brannagan interview
  • 1:05:53 – The controversial sides of Qatar
  • 1:17:28 – Closing remarks

Extended Interview with Peter Bartu

Nasser Al Khelaifi and Neymar

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