‘Twas the Year in Paris: A Video Diary of 2017

We entered 2017 with a heave and a sigh
Cause the state of our club would bring a tear to your eye
With December loses to Guingamp and Montpellier
Even a draw at home to Marseille

With Champions League looming and the club in flux
They signed a young German who was down on his luck
His name was Herr Draxler, he provided a spark
To our South American wingers who were missing the mark

So improvement was made, up to that Valentine’s day
Where at home the Parisians had some things to say
The score was 4-0, the lads jumped with glee
“What could possibly go wrong”, well just wait and see

For in the Camp Nou there was fear and dread
And visions of Suarez dives dancing in their head
It ended 6-1, the team was in tatters
For Barca that day, it was all laughing matters

So over was Europe, and the French league too
Won by Mbappé, Falcao and their Monaco crew
Sure they won the French Cups, all three I might add
But for a club with ambitions, it was really quite sad

So out with Kluivert, and in with Henrique
Whose demeanor and posture was quite unique
He worked in the shadows, stealth and sly
For he was to make the whole of Europe cry

ON YURI, ON ALVES, not even their best
ON MBAPPE, ON NEYMAR, they’d outsmarted the rest
The old guard could barely muster words to say
All they could do was bitch about financial fair play

But still, the team had too many players
Like an almond parfait with too many layers
So Henrique began the necessary purge
From Matuidi, to Krychowiak, to that malcontent Serge

The club celebrated the arrivals with lavish flair
They had spent like Pryor in a ‘Brewster’s Millions’ dare
“But would it work”, the critics tried to sell
While the MCN began to play really damn well

They breezed through Ligue 1, with barely any doubts
They beat Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Angers in big routs
The Champions League Group stage was much the same
For 5 out of 6 times, the opponents they did tame

Sure there were hiccups and even some stumbles
Like Bayern on the road, and some penalty grumbles
Marseille thought they had us, our nadir by far
Until Cavani’s free-kick slipped under the bar

So cut to December in a Swiss chalet
Where the round of 16 they would soon relay
As the ball was pulled, the fans squealed in fright
It was Real Madrid, in their resplendent white

A matchup for the ages, quite the major test
For the ambitious project, and it’s Eiffel Tower crest
Will they succeed, that is yet to be known
But more than ever, the seeds of promise have been sown.

For 2017 was a year like no other
A year of “Oh Joy”, and a year of “Oh Brother”
While 2017 was quite the sight to see
2018 may just be the year of Paris!

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