PSG Talking Podcast Episode 21: Fluctuat et Mergitur

Gets tossed around …and sinks.

Less than a week after the unthinkable happened, the PSG Talking crew pick themselves up off the ground to discuss the shocking 6-1 defeat to FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League. Recorded during the second half of FC Lorient vs. Paris Saint-Germain, Ofthedoor (@Ofthedoor1) hosts and he’s joined by Matt (@PSGTourist) and Louis (@Positionista) to breakdown every agonizing detail of the nightmare at the Camp Nou.

How much blame should be placed on the referee? Did Unai Emery get the tactics wrong and more importantly, will he return for next season? Is there a lack of leadership within the club? With so much to dissect from PSG’s humiliating loss, we needed 90 minutes to fit it all in. Plus, we answer questions sent to us via /r/psg.

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Music courtesy via Paris, Lisbon by Jahzzar licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

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