PSG is One Breakthrough Away From a Place Among the All-Time Greats

With six more victories, Paris Saint-Germain should secure their fourth straight Ligue 1 title by the end of February, a truly remarkable feat for any team in Europe. Yet their current undefeated domestic season is routinely dismissed due to the perceived weakness of the French league, as well as PSG’s financial muscle. But I would argue that regardless of where PSG play and the players they buy, we’re watching one of the greatest teams in the history of the game.

It goes without saying but it’s incredibly difficult to go undefeated in any competition, let alone a league campaign that spans eight months. When you include league cup and UEFA Champions League matches, it’s even more unlikely to get through a season unblemished. In English soccer, for example, the invincible Arsenal team of 2003-2004 went undefeated (with 12 draws), and before them you have to go all the way back to the vaunted 1888-1889 Preston North End side that won the league and FA Cup without recording a loss.

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