Zlatan Buys NYC Condo

I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of Real Estate Weekly. They cover everything from New York City pie shops seeking more space to a former lesbian bar turned doggy day care and everything in between…including this story on Zlatan Ibrahimovic purchasing a condo in Tribeca for $2.2m.

It looks to be a sponsor unit, with 350 Broadway, LLC the registered seller. 350 Broadway is the original address for the luxury building developed by soccer-loving Italian developers, Bizzi and Partners. – Real Estate Weekly

Ibrahimovic is in the last year of his contract with PSG and most reports indicate he intends on honoring his commitment to the club. After that, who knows what the Swedish international plans to do. Some speculate that he could be on his way to America to play for a Major League Soccer team and this purchase certainly furthers those rumors.

I’m convinced he’ll play in the states after the upcoming season. He routinely visits during the summer and MLS is known for being a league where aging players pick up a few more checks before riding off into the sunset. If David Beckham gets a team in Miami I would put money on them to land Zlatan but if not you have to like the New York Red Bulls chances.

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