Smell Like Zlatan: PSG Striker Releases New Fragrance

If you’re like me you have August 12 circled on your calendar because that is the day we can all smell like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. On his Twitter feed earlier today, the Paris Saint-Germain striker gave us loyal minions a sneak peek at his new fragrance.

Two years is a long time and you know Zlatan played a huge role in choosing the final smell. I envision him sitting in a room with a bunch of scientists smelling different scents and throwing the bottles violently when they didn’t meet his standards. Zlatan takes his smell very seriously.

“It probably smells like french hookers and gin.” – a friend via GChat

What do you think the fragrance smells like? Will Zlatan provide a bottle for each of his teammates? Will opponents wear the fragrance on the pitch to get on Zlatan’s good side? So many questions…

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