Cavani’s Copa America Ends in Controversy

To say it’s been a rough week for Edinson Cavani would be an understatement. Two days ago the Uruguayan striker learned his father was involved in an accident that caused the death of a 19-year-old motorcyclist. Some questioned whether or not he would play in the quarter-final match against Chile in the Copa America last night given the news but the Uruguayan striker was in the starting lineup.

Cavani played well throughout the first half but in the 62nd minute things unraveled:

Chile’s Gonzalo Jara just about sexually assaulted Cavani after taking the free kick. How Cavani kept his composure and didn’t deck Jara is beyond me. Attempting to stay calm, Cavani then lightly tapped Jara’s chin to let him know what he did was not OK and this caused Jara to flop to the ground in what can only be described as an Oscar-worthy performance. The referee, as they always do, caught the tail end of the encounter and proceeded to give Cavani his second yellow and an early trip to the showers.

Before leaving the pitch, Cavani made sure his point of view on the matter was heard:

You have to feel for Cavani in this situation. He’s only two days removed from learning his father was arrested and it appears the Chilean players targeted him. It’s unfortunate the referee did not see the entire situation but it appears as though punishment is forthcoming for Jara. Reports out of Chile claim Jara will be suspended for the rest of the Copa America.

As for the rest of the match, Chile’s Mauricio Isla scored in the 81st minute and La Roja won the match 1-0 in front of a raucous home crowd. They advance to the semi-finals where they’ll play the winner of Bolivia vs. Peru.

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